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Many people would say to you this is a simple fix. Close the border, ship all the illegal’s back to their home country and then let the immigration process begin. However, Immigration to the USA is not as simple as that. Many people were brought here as children and later became aware of their status. One story comes to mind as shared on The FayDay Show re: a woman who’s father was recruited in the 1960’s by American farms and was brought over with many others to work. Once work was done, the farm was raided and they were rousted back to Mexico. Her father escaped the raid and from infancy she has only known the USA as home. She Completed her College Education at Linfield, in McMinnville and due to her illegal status is not able to find work.


This is not a racial issue immigrants from many countries are here illegally.

There is a line for immigration, and it is long.

There are people skipping ahead of those waiting for years

There are people who are coming to the USA committing crimes

There are families that not matter what will be torn apart by any changes to immigration (executing the law or not).

There are long-term citizens who could be tax payers and contributing to the social service system but can’t because they are undocumented.

There are Billions of dollars being spent on illegals that are taking from citizens who are naturalized, of all races.

Millions more are being spent on secondary education through CARIBE and FAFSA for illegals and many legal Caucasians are not able to get help no matter their poverty due to the fact they are not “minorities”.

So, what is the answer? If it is not a simple solution, does that mean there is no solution?

Deportation without a Border is useless.

Treating people like cattle is not humane.

Treating people who are not guilty of criminal behavior besides wanting a better life is not humane.

Treating US citizens like second class citizens to be PC is also not humane.

If 1 of 5 children in the US are hungry why are we allowing more in without caring for our own?

Who are the stakeholders? What is at stake if we hold the line on immigration? If we allow amnesty once the fence is built, but then how do we defeat the bribes at the border. It is big business to traffick people through the Mexican-US border.

What role will legalizing Marijuana in Oregon play on our immigration influx. Who will grow it, tend it, pick it, sell it, and use it?

How will the defeat of the ID card affect our state? Will our workers loose their ability to work all together?

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